Top 5 Best Treatments for Dry Skin on Dogs

anti-itch cream for dogsAs a pet parent, you have to be on the lookout for signs of itchy or irritated skin on your dog. If your pet is uncomfortable in its own skin, so to speak, you have to act on it right away. Look for red bumps, bite marks, wounds, and fleas. But what if you can’t find those?

The problem could be dry skin.


Why is dry skin on dogs a problem?

Dry skin, also called xerosis, can lead to itchy and scaly patches of skin. Extremely dry skin can turn itchy real bad. This is not surprising – we, humans, know that first hand. Instead of scratching our skin raw, however, we show it some love and slather it with moisturizers and lotions.

Sadly, dry skin is not that easy to detect in dogs with all the fur. You won’t notice it unless your dog starts to scratch incessantly.

And in the unlikely case that you do notice before itching sets in, you cannot simply smudge your pet’s fur-covered skin with lotion.


How do we treat itching in dogs with dry skin?

When you notice the first signs of itching, apply some skin remedies at once. As in humans, you treat dry skin in pets by replenishing lost moisture. The itchiness and secondary infections are another matter. Your dog skincare arsenal may need to include hydrocortisone, natural antimicrobial medications, special shampoos, food supplements, and anti-itch cream for dogs.

We have compiled here 5 of the best treatments for dry skin and itching.


ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment

Some dogs react to steroids and other drugs, which are commonly used in anti-itch creams. Fortunately, there are solutions like ResQ Organics. It is made of natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, blue-green algae, hemp seed oil, shea butter, plumera, and manuka honey. The last ingredient is known for its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

This non-greasy cream contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and amino acids which help combat itchiness and dry skin on dogs. ResQ works even for more daunting skin problems like ringworm, burns, dry nose, insect bites, and dermatitis. It also heals wounds and boosts hair regrowth. You really can’t ask for more.

ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment

Petpost Coconut Oil – Hot Spot & Itchy, Dry Skin Treatment for Dogs 16 oz

What if you’d like to address dryness or itching that is not localized to certain areas but spread-out? Will you cover your pet with cream or oil from nose to tail? Well, apparently there’s no need for that.

Your dog can take Petpost’s coconut oil treatment because it is perfectly edible.

You can apply Petpost topically as a moisturizer or give orally as food supplement to treat dry skin on dogs. It is made of 100% organic extra-virgin coconut oil with high levels of vitamins E and K, lauric acid, beneficial fats, and medium-chain fatty acids.

Knock off dryness, flaky skin, and infections in dogs with a medicine that’s not only effective but also delicious. All you need to do is mix it with dog food at the required dose. Give it to your dog, and that’s all. You’ll enjoy itch-free and worry-free days ahead.

Petpost Coconut Oil - Hot Spot & Itchy, Dry Skin Treatment for Dogs 16 oz


Alpha Pet Zone, The Ultimate Pet Healer Coconut Oil for Dogs 16 oz

Alpha Pet Zone coconut oil is another steroid-free and drug-free treatment for dry skin on dogs. You may also apply it to moisturize your dog’s dry nose, elbows, and cracked paws. Like Petpost, this is made from coconut oil, which is considered a super food and medicinal ingredient. It’s recommended for topical use, but it’s totally safe even when your dog licks it.

It’s amazing how this oil helps dogs to recover quickly from their frustrating conditions. After just a few applications, they’re out playing instead of whining and scratching. If you don’t want runny liquid, place the jar inside the fridge. The oil turns into a creamy salve. This is also effective for dandruff, dander, hot spots, burns, allergies, and infections.

You may even blend this with your dog’s shampoo and use it whenever you bathe your dog.

It locks in moisture and prevents dry skin from occurring in the first place.

Alpha Pet Zone, The Ultimate Pet Healer Coconut Oil for Dogs 16 oz


Vet Recommended Dog Dry Skin Treatment 240ml

Applying oily medication on dogs can understandably turn messy. This anti-itch cream for dogs is a step above liquid oil applications because it’s more like a mousse. Thus, it holds its shape yet spreads well like oil.

It contains vitamin E and emu oil, which both work wonders in rehydrating and healing dry skin on dogs.

This awesome stuff simplifies treating dog skin maladies, and you’ll see results immediately. Itching is noticeably diminished after two applications. Lesions dry up and heal in as short as 3-4 days. It also promotes hair regrowth with continuous use. So if you want a soothing remedy that acts fast, look no further.
Vet Recommended Dog Dry Skin Treatment 240ml

Particular Paws Dog Healing Balm for Paws and Snout, 2-oz Jar + .5-oz Stick, All Natural


For the price of one you get two wonderful items – a 2-oz jar and a .5-oz stick of Particular Paws healing balm for paws and snout. Both containers are loaded with all-natural healing ingredients like coconut oil, tea tree oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, magnolia bark, sunflower oil, comfrey, neem, grape seed oil, bees wax, and calendula.

You can use this as a preventative by rubbing it on your dog’s dry paws and nose. It seals natural moisture and prevents cracking.

It relieves itching fast and heals lesions.

It acts as antifungal and antibacterial, too, and prevents secondary infections from setting in.

The .5-oz stick is very useful especially when taking a walk or traveling with your dog.
Particular Paws Dog Healing Balm for Paws and Snout, 2-oz Jar + .5-oz Stick, All Natural

A Friendly Reminder

The best thing to do is to prevent dry skin on dogs. You can do that by checking on that little guy’s skin and coat every now and then. It would be reassuring, too, if you kept handy at least one anti-itch cream for dogs in your first aid supplies kit.